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Red Rhino SafariRed Rhino Safari

Featured Safaris

Best of Kenya

12 Days Kenya (view map)
Explore Kenya’s spectacular wildlife parks including the chance to see the “Big Five” on this amazing safari that takes you from flamingo laced lakes, to Samburu land, to lush Mt. Kenya, and finally to Kenya’s most famous park—Masai Mara.

Wings over Kenya

12 Days Kenya (view map)
Four internal flights to such wonders as Amboseli (with its elephants and views of Mt. Kilimanjaro), Samburu land and its unique wildlife, majestic Mt. Kenya, and Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve on the Kenyan side of the Serengeti Plains.

Kenya Grand Safari

15 Days Kenya (view map)
A extravaganza of wildlife with visits to all of our feature parks in Kenya: Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Mt. Kenya Safari Club, Samburu Game Reserve, and Masai Mara. As the name implies this is a safari for one wanting to have a grand tour of Kenya. More time allows one to take more photographs and soak up the experience!

Kenya Short Hop

9 Days Kenya (view map)
We pack a lot of punch into this nine day adventure–obviously designed for those with a little less time but want to see an infusion of wildlife jammed packed into their time in Kenya: Samburu, Mt. Kenya Safari Club, and Masai Mara are all visited with time not only to view game but also relax and enjoy the experience along the way!

Best of Tanzania

12 Days Tanzania (view map)
Tanzania–the land where time sits still and one can see what life has been like for eons: Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti—some of the greatest wildlife parks in the world, all waiting for you to discover! The “Big Five” are all waiting for you to see and photograph on this amazing safari!

Plains of the Serengeti

12 Days Tanzania (view map)
RRA SafariThe Serengeti is perhaps the greatest wildlife park in the world—known for its great herds of plains game and predators that follow them. Multiple days exploring the park with extended time for absorbing all this spectacular place has to offer. Also visit world-famous Ngorongoro Crater (known as the 8th wonder of the world) and Lake Manyara Park.

Serengeti to Zanzibar

15 Days Tanzania (view map)
From the Plains of the Serengeti, with its magnificent wildlife on endless plains, to the “Spice Island” -the legendary Zanzibar Island, this trip will give you a great contrast of experience. Plenty of time to photograph wildlife on safari contrasted by the end of the trip on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean!

Tanzania Short Hop

9 Days Tanzania (view map)
For those with limited time but still want to experience the vast plains of the Serengeti as well as the incredible ecosystem of Ngorongoro Crater, you will see and experience more than you can imagine in nine days!

Best of Kenya and Tanzania

15 Days Kenya and Tanzania (view map)
For those wanting to experience the best of both Kenya and Tanzania… you’ve come to the right tour! Jam packed, but with plenty of time to relax and reflect on the incredible experiences you will have, this trip offers it all-the greatest parks in both Kenya and Tanzania!

RRA Specialty Safaris

Click HERE to get information about any RRA Specialty Safari listed below.   Our “Specialty Safaris” cater to your interests, time restraints (or lack of), and comfort level.

Honeymoons in the Wild

What better way to start your life off together than traveling to Africa! First rate and private accommodations in the most romantic settings imaginable are all waiting for you on this romantic trip of a lifetime!
Red Rhino SafariRRA Birding

Landmark Events

(landmark birthdays, anniversaries, popping the question …)
What would be more fun than celebrating your landmark anniversary, birthday, or other meaningful life event than traveling to Africa! Its time to ‘throw off the bowlines” and do something exciting that will make for great stories and memories to last a lifetime!

Educator-Student Tour

Are you a university professor or high school teacher wanting to do something different with your summer that will enhance your students like no book could ever do? Gather a group of 12 students and you can travel to Africa for free! Your students will be dying to travel with you and we can focus the trip on your area of interest (biology, adventure travel industry studies, environmental studies, history, anthropology, etc.).

Birding Safari

As a birding enthusiast, you already have an idea what lies out there waiting for you in Africa to add to your life list! Our birding experts take you to amazing locations in stunning environments to identify as many bird species (and wildlife) as possible in some of the most magical settings imaginable.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a life goal for many. Standing at the top of the highest mountain on the African continent and looking over the land known as the “birthplace of humanity” is one of the most incredible spectacular activities a person could accomplish. Our expert guides take you over incredible topography and changing environments to the rooftop of Africa! After your climb, go on safari to celebrate your accomplishment and see more of Africa!

Golf and Safari Tour

No vacation is complete without a few rounds of golf. Why should Africa be any different? Great courses in unique settings (to say the least) enhance the experience. Enjoy early morning safaris with a round of golf in the afternoon (and vice verse). The days are full of beauty, fun, and memories to last a lifetime!

Short 2-5 day safaris for short term visits

Are you traveling or living in Kenya or Tanzania and want to take a short adventure with friends, family, or colleagues? Why not go on safari to Masai Mara or the Serengeti or other park for a complete change of pace? The experience one has on safari is so unique and genuine that relationships are enhanced and there is plenty of time for relaxation after a hectic work schedule.  And even if you just have a day or a few hours we can help you make the most of your limited time so it is relaxing and stress-free.

Solo ‘Expanding Horizons Adventure’ Expedition

Masai warriorAre you looking for a life-changing experience to expand your horizons? Perhaps you know someone who is in need of a major life experience to help move them to the next phase in life. Do you know of a young person that needs a dramatic jolt of real life experience to wake them up and propel them forward with motivation and excitement about life?  The RRA “Expanding Horizons Adventure Expedition” is jammed packed with life-experience on a major scale.

Greg Traverso led Tour

Join RRA Founder and Owner Greg Traverso on one of his personally-led tours that he leads to Kenya and/or Tanzania. Greg designs his trips to mix wildlife, culture, and adventure on a grand scale!

Click HERE to get information about any RRA Specialty Safari listed above.


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