Safari off the beaten track

While on safari in Samburu in Kenya, we heard about a school and village ‘across the river.’  Being adventurous…we decided to pay an unexpected visit.  The reception was grand (as it always is).


Inside the school (below) we got to take a first hand look at what the kids were learning and how things operated at the school.  The kids hadn’t seen visitors for a long long time so eyes were wide open (as were ours).


Then we walked to the village.  Few kids from the village go to the school (if any) as it is just too expensive.  This Samburu Village was as poor as it gets but the people were friendly and welcoming.  They also make money on us coming with a fee I pay to the chief as well as the crafts they sell to us on our way ‘out the door’ (see last picture).


Peggy had this little girl attach herself to the hip right from the get-go…

IMG_1486…quite literally to the hip


The dancing and rituals were quite real and interesting…


and interactions genuine


As we left the village it came down to business…as it always does.  Not a lot of customers and it was hard not to buy at least a little something and not argue the price down too much.


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