Joey and Friends

IMG_0447I took this picture of my son Joey (he’s the one in laughtershock) at an animal orphanage near Mt. Kenya.  I remember seeing that there was a monkey on his back and that Joey was laughing but I didn’t notice that hand reaching out from the worker at the orphanage.  I used this picture for my youtube video (see below) but it wasn’t until after looking at this picture quite a few times that I realized that there was another friend in the picture–the “Mbuni” as they say in Swahilli…the ostrich!  Mbuni doesn’t look to happy–protective of the monkey, the worker, or Joey?  Or, most likely…looking to get fed.  I don’t know how I missed seeing him when I took the photo or after I looked at the picture when I got home from Africa.  I always say that if you take enough photos you are going to get lucky once in a while.

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