Early Days

Tony of RRAThis is Tony (right) and my son Nick (left) back in 2006.  Just kidding.  The smile on Tony’s face is familiar to anyone who has met Tony.  Tony and I had a chance meeting in 1993 on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.  That chance meeting led to Red Rhino Tours (now Red Rhino Adventures).  Before meeting Tony, I had been traveling hard hitchhiking from southern Africa all the way up to East Africa. When I got to Nairobi I hadn’t had a proper shower for a while and I was exhausted.  Tony and I had this brief exchange on the streets of Nairobi as I was looking for a cheap place to stay.  We happened to see each other again a couple of days later (I don’t know why but I think I stood out in the crowd) and Tony and I worked together to arrange a safari for some friends who were coming to Africa to join me.  This led to a friendship and partnership of 20 years now, the start up of Red Rhino Tours. When I took this picture back in 2006, my wife Susan and I had just bought the land for the orphanage; there were no buildings except for a small shack that Wilson (Wilson Goes to Medical School) lived in.  I brought my family on safari with a group and we came to the land for just a day–way too short, but we were able to plant some trees.

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