Far and Near


Watching and photographing elephants from a distance is an exciting thing to do especially when there is water involved. We were parked in our safari vehicle and got to watch this scene from afar as the herd crossed the Ewaso Ng’iro River –meaning “brown river” for obvious reasons.  Actually, in the scene the elephants came back across the river after reaching the other side to support a struggling elephant who had a injured leg.


Sometimes you can get close enough to see every detail…


I’ve grown to appreciate seeing wildlife from far away almost as much as from close up.  The natural inclination is to want to photograph from up close; however, when you look from afar beauty comes into focus in a different way if you don’t let the urge to get closer get in the way and just sit back and appreciate it.

_DSC0410I have to admit it is hard to beat the drama of getting so close to wildlife (with or without taking pictures) like this giraffe in Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya.


This lioness was pretty far from the road–considering that I zoomed in with my 300mm lens I’d say she was maybe 80 yards away from the vehicle.

_DSC0492  Close enough to see flies on her nose and eye

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